• SAKURAI제작소:시제품제작(Engine 및 각종부품)/공작기계 Rotary Milling(황삭,사상을 동시가공 2head 장착)/Turrex M/C (현대,기아,대우,경방기계,정일공업,LG전자,대림,효성등납품)
s-red.gif (102 bytes) 시작(Prototypes):자동차 ENGINE 및 가공부품
bupum1.gif (39603 bytes) Always returining to the fundamentals,the division is keeping confidentiality principles and challenging technology develpment for processing prototypes.

Supplying parts that can withstand the severest environment is a proof that SAKURAI does have the ability to develop technology.The division is always in insatiate pursuit high precision.



s-red.gif (102 bytes) 공기부(MACHINE TOOL MFG.DIV):ROTARY Milling M/C(황삭.사상 동시가공2HEAD장착),Turrex M/C

Rotary milling machine system for processig crankcases

gonggi4.gif (31838 bytes) gonggi4-1.gif (17128 bytes)

For motorcycles

The Machine tools of SAKURAI come to be flexible by adding a dedicated system to general-purpose machine tools and are therefore able to exactly meet the state-of-the-art needs for struturing production lines.The abillity to do in-house production of the main parts has gained a good reputation and has also maintained the reliability as a company adamant.The abillity to develop from single machine tool to large-scale line system has helped us to widely achieve proposition-prone approach and provide a great deal of our products taking active part every where i the whole of world market




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