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  • AL Engine Block bore(경량화,콤팩트화,배기량 증가)
  • 쇼바,VALVE,SHAFT등 가공 Line에서 도금완료 (기계내 환경문제 처리)
  • 부품가공=> 도금=>사상=>조립(동일장소에서 완료,물류비용 절감)
High speed inline plating system suited to

Mass production of cylinder blocks for high performance engines.

YRPS, Yamaha Rapid Plating System,is an epoch-making nickel composite plating system that was established in the process of development of high performance automobile engines.Use of compact and high performance engines that include components processed with the nickel composite plating has been limited to some high grade sports cars.This new plating system from YAMAHA has made it possible to install the high performance engines on general production automobiles at lower cost.Advantages of the linerless

cylinder blocks aluminum produced with the nickel composite plating

  1. Eliminates need of the cylinder liners to make the engine lighter.
  2. Reduces inter-bore distance to make the engines compact or increase the bore diameter
  3. Increases heat radiating efficiency to update engine performance and reduce engine oil consumption
  4. Reduces the amount of wasted power to update the fuel economy.

An example of cylinder with sleeve

Examples of sleeveless aluminum cylinder

2 liter engine

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yrps1-2.gif (10790 bytes)

2.5 liter engine

yrps1-3.gif (10274 bytes)

(Nickel composite coating)

2 liter engine

yrps1-4.gif (10259 bytes)

(Nickel composite coating)

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Piston rings sliding on the cylinder wall

A very thin oil film is formed between the piston rings and the nickel plating layer that has been made by treating silicon carbide (SiC)particles with the eutectic reaction.





Advantages of YRPS

1.Assures excellent quality of products through original technologies

  • This system is characterized with two essential features including precision arrangement of cylinder blocks(cathodes)to be plated and anodes,and uniform flow of the plating media.These features provide the plating layer that is more superior in uniformity and stability than the conventional methods.The time required for the plating is much shorter than the former system.
  • The pre-processing includes our original High Speed Anodic Oxidation Method that strctly controls plating voltage and current.this technology provides uniform adhesion of the plating layer to individual bores of each cylinder block.
  • This system assures excllent quality because of its accurate control of the plating parameters such as electric current,speed of flow of media,temperature,PH by means of computer.
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2.Provides higher productivity and reduces plating cost

(1)This system can save energy cost thanks to its highly efficient plating process,and can reduce running cost through the use of fully automated control of the process and recycling of the processing water

(2)Cylinder block conveying cost is reduced because of the inline system.Higher productivity is obtained thanks to the reductio of lead time.

(3)The thickness of the plating layer is maintained within 80 +/- 10 micons uniformly. This excellent accuracy and uniformity of the thickness of the layer contributes to reduction of the necessary honing margin resulting in saving the honing cost

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3.Protected and environment-oriented system

(1)Introuduction of this system can minimize the emission easily.The amount of gases generated by this system is much less than the conventional system because only the bores that are internal surfaces are plated and the rinsing water is treated in the closed system.

(2)The system recycles the rinsing water to minimize the amount of waste fluid produced by the plating process.

(3)This system provides an excellent working environment that cannat be obtained when conventional plating system is used. The highly efficient exhaust system minimizes the emission with the complete closed plating process and closed rinsing process. The system can be operated based on skills that are needed for operation of machine tools.

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An example of YRPS

Air concentration and exhaust gas cleaning system         Circulating rinsig ion exchanger sysstem

Plated works:Inline 4 cyl.block .Cycle time:120 seconds

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The works to be plated are carried into YRPs.The plating process can be intergrated in the whole working process thanks to inline featurre


Removes gresse and dirt such as cutting dust from the surface of works.

Alkali etching

Dissolves and activates the surface of aluminum blocks.

Mixed acid etching

Dissolves eutectic silicone of the surface layer.Two types of etching processes provide foundation suited to the anodic oxidation

Anodic oxidation

High speed anodic oxidation provides excellent adhession of alumimum surface with nickel composite plating film.

Nickel composite plating

Helps to give excelent anti-abrasiveness and lubrication capability to the works.

Rinsing and drying

Rinses the plated works with warm water and then dries them by blowing with air


The plated works are carried to the following process.


dot.gif (941 bytes) Past plated products
yrps.gif (31627 bytes) yrps9.gif (25586 bytes)
  • Automobile aluminum engine blocks  .General purpose aluminum engine cylinder blocks
  • Automobile engine valves .Automobile cushion rods .Motorcycle cushion rods
  • Motorcycle connecting rods  .Piano tuning pins


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